Ranulph Higden’s Distinctiones

Distinctiones Cestrensis Monachi
The Distinctions of Ranulph Higden
(Worcester Cathedral MS. F 128, fols.1–125)

Front Matter



No. Latin entry English translation Incipit fol.
1 Abicere To Cast off Secundum Phisiologos, columba, propter calorem quem habet (According to the Phisiologos, the dove, because of the heat which it has) 1ra
2 Abscondit He conceals Deus abscondit, diabolus abscondit, homo abscondit (God conceals, the devil conceals, and man conceals) 1ra
3 Abstinencia Abstinence Abstinencia duplex est: quedam a victualibus, quedam a viciis (Abstinence is double: some part from food, some part from vices) 1va
4 Accedere To Approach Accedendum est ad Christum. Primo ad intuendum exemplum (It is necessary to approach Christ. First for contemplating) 2ra
5 Accidia Sloth Accidia secundum doctores est tedium siue desercio boni spiritualis (Sloth, according to the learned, is weariness or forsaking the spiritual) 2ra
6 Accingere To Gird up Secundum Hugonem, accinguntur bellaturi, precinguntur ituri (According to Hugh, those going to war are girded up) 2va
7 Adiutorium uel Auxilium Help or Assistance Apud omnes gentes consuetum est adiutorium petere a domino (Among all races it is the custom to seek help from a more powerful) 2va
8 Adorare To adore Solus Deus adorandus adoracione latria, quod est theosebia (Only God is to be adored with adoration or service (latria) 2vb
9 Aduersitas Adversity Aduenit tam bonis quam malis, set propter alium et alium finem (It comes for the good as well as the evil, but because of one) 3ra
10 Adulacio Flattery Gregorius, nutrix peccatorum est adulacio, et magna ira Dei (Gregory says that flattery is the nurse of sins, and the great anger) 3rb
11 Amaritudo Bitterness Secundum Philosophum, in libro De sensu et sensato (According to the Philosopher, in the book De sensu et sensato) 3vb
12 Ambulare To Walk Ambulant boni, ambulant mali. Mali vero per latam viam culpe (The good walk, the evil walk. In truth the evil walk on the broad way) 4ra
13 Agnus Lamb Est agnus gregis, agnus legis, agnus regis (There is the lamb of the flock, the lamb of the law) 4vb
14 Amor Love Duplex legitur amor: naturalis, gratuitus, innaturalis (It is read that love is double: natural, spontaneous, and unnatural) 4vb
15 Altare Altar Est quadruplex et quodlibet eorum duplex (It is fourfold and each of them is double) 5va
16 Angelus Angel Angelus super sanctos non est nomen nature, set officii (An angel, over and above the saints, is not a name) 5va
17 Angulus Corner Secundum Bernardum, vbi angulus ibi sordes (According to Bernard, where there is a corner there is uncleanness) 6rb
18 Angustia Anguish De hoc satis dictum est capitulo [9] De aduersitate et [11] De amaritudine (Concerning this enough has been said in the chapter [9] Adversity) 6rb
19 Anima Soul Secundum Macrobium, Super sompnium Scipionis, libro primo (According to Macrobius, Super sompnium Scipionis, first book) 6rb
20 Apparere To Appear Apparuit gracia, etc. [Tit. 2:11], id est, apparicio Christi (“For grace of God our Savior has appeared,” etc., [Tit. 2:1]) 6va
21 Aqua Water Designat graciam sine qua nichil potest crescere (It designates grace without which nothing can grow) 6vb
22 Archus Rainbow A quatuor elementis sibi appositis, contrahitur quatuor colores (From the four elements placed near to it, the rainbow assembles four) 7va
23 Archa Ark Archa federis Dei quam fecit Moyses, Exod. 25[:12] (The ark of the covenant of God which Moses made, Exod. 25[:12]) 7vb
24 Argentum Silver Aliquando accipitur literaliter pro metallo materiali (Sometimes silver is accepted literally for the material metal) 8ra
25 Ancilla Handmaid Duplex reperitur, mala et bona. Mala quidem triplex (A handmaid is found to be double, evil and good) 8ra
26 Arguere To Accuse Arguit homo, arguit Deus, set homo tantum in presenti (Man accuses, God accuses, but man only in the present) 8rb
27 Adulterium Adultery Dicitur quasi ad alterum, ad alterius viri thorum cum accessio (It is said as if to another (ad alterum), to the bed of another man) 9ra
28 Arbor Tree Est arbor quedam sterilis et maledicta, Matt. 21[:19] (Sometimes a tree is sterile and reviled, Matt. 21[:19]) 9ra
29 Arma Arms Secundum Ysidorum, libro 8, capitulo 41, arma dicuntur generaliter (According to Isidore, book 8, chapter 41, arms) 9rb
30 Ascendente Ascending Nichil ascendit naturaliter nisi quod de sui natura est leue (Nothing ascends naturally unless of its nature it is light) 9vb
31 Aperire To Open Debet homo tria, Deo et proximo, scilicet, cor, os, et manum (Man ought to open to God and neighbor in three ways) 11ra
32 Aspicere To Look at Debet homo presencia preterita et futura (Man ought to look at the present, the past, and the future) 11ra
33 Auaricia Avarice Est immoderatus amor pecunie acquirende seu retinendo (Avarice is the immoderate love of acquiring or retaining money) 11rb
34 Audire To Hear Licet visus et auditus sint duo sensus dissiplinabiles (Although seeing and hearing are two senses for learning) 12ra
35 Auris The Ear Dicitur ab hauriendo, quia ad hauriendum verba ordinatur (The ear (auris) is said to be from drawing water (hauriendo) 12va
36 Aurora Dawn Dicitur quasi aurea hora, quia mittit ad nos rorem (Dawn (aurora) is said as if the golden hour (aurea hora) 12va
37 Aurum Gold Designat caritatem propter eius preciositatem, Apoc. 3[18] (Gold designates charity because of its preciousness, Apoc. 3[:18]) 12vb
38 Baculus Staff Valet ad duo: ad sustentacionem infirmorum et ad fugacionem nociuorum (A staff is effective for two purposes: for the support of the weak) 12vb
39 Beatus uel Beatitudo Blessed or Beatitude Secundum Ysidorum, Ythimologiarum, libro quarto, capitulum 6 (According to Isidore, book four, chapter six, of the Etymologiae) 12vb
40 Bellum War In uita presenti Deus exponit nos bello ut experimur (In this present life God exposes us to war so that we may experience) 13rb
41 Benedictio Benediction Triplex reperitur, scilicet, hominis ad hominem, Dei ad hominem (It is found to be threefold, namely, of man to man, of God to man) 13vb
42 Benefacere To Do Good Ad faciendum multa mouent. Primo, magnitudo premii (Many things ought to move one for doing good) 14ra
43 Bona Goods Bonorum quinque sunt genera. Quorum primum est bonum nature (There are five kinds of goods. Of which the first is the good of nature) 14ra
44 Bonus homo A Good Man Seneca, Ad Lucilum Epistula 118, quicquid potest facere hominem (Seneca, Ad Lucilium, Epistula 118, all that goes to make you a good man ) 14va
45 Cadere To Fall Est casus in malo et casus in bono. Casus in malo est triplex (There is a fall in evil circumstances and a fall in good circumstances) 14va
46 Canis Dog Dicitur peccator, quia si sit extra societatem hominum (The dog is said to be the sinner, because if he is outside) 15ra
47 Capillus Hair Aliquando signat cogitacionem, aliquando diuiciarum (Sometimes hair is a sign of thought, sometimes of riches) 15ra
48 Carbo Coal Per carbonem intelligitur peccator quia, proprie loquendo (Through coal is understood a sinner because, properly speaking) 15rb
49 Caritas Charity Secundum Bernardus in libro, De amore, caritas est amor illuminatus (According to Bernard in the book, De amore, charity is love illuminated) 15rb
50 Caro Flesh Nomine carnis quandoque natura designatur (In the name of flesh sometimes nature is designated) 16ra
51 Castitas Chastity Secundum Augustinum, De ciuitate, libro primo, capitulis 17 et 18 (According to Augustine, De civitate, book one, chapters 17 and 18) 16rb
52 Cecus uel Cecitas Blind or Blindness Secundum Hieronimum, Epistola 67, ne doleas si non habes (According to Jerome, Epistola 67, you should not sorrow if you do not have) 16vb
53 Celum Heaven Est triplex: suppremum quod est empireum, medium (Heaven is triple: the highest which is the fiery empyrean) 17ra
54 Cinis Ashes Homo comparatur cinerem propter finalem resolucionem (Man is compared to ashes because of his final release) 17rb
55 Circulus vel Circuitus Circle or Circuit Salomon ordinauit de ambulatoria in circuitu templi (Solomon ordered the ambulatory of the temple to be round) 17va
56 Ciuitas City Secundum Augustinum, primo, De ciuitate, capitulo 16 (According to Augustine, first book, chapter 16, De civitate) 17vb
57 Clamare uel Clamor, Clamat To Proclaim, or a Shout, One Cries Out Deus clamat, scelus clamat, homo clamabat (God proclaims, the evil deed cries out, and man cries out) 18va
58 Claudus Lame Aliqui claudicant ad vnum partem, aliqui ad vtramque (Some limp on one side, others on both) 18vb
59 Clauis Key Augustinus ad hoc, libro 4, capitulo 11, [De doctrina christiana] (Augustine on this, book 4, chapter 11, De doctrina christiana) 19ra
60 Clemencia Mercy Prou. 11[:19]: Clementia preparat vitam (Prov. 11[:19: “Clemency prepares life.”) 19ra
61 Claudere To Close Clausio regni quadruplex legitur. Nam quedam vniversalis (It is read that the closure of the kingdom is fourfold) 19ra
62 Clericus Cleric Clericus dicitur a cleros, Grece, quod est sors, Latine (Cleric is said to be from lot (kleros) in Greek, which is lot (sors) 19ra
63 Cognoscere To Perceive Cum, secundum Philosophum, omnis nostra cognicio a sensu ortum (According to the Philosopher, since all our knowledge has its origin) 19rb
64 Cogitare To Think Secundum Ysidorum, De summo bono, libro 2, non solum factis (According to Isidore, De summo bono, book 2, we fail) 19vb
65 Coluber Serpent Coluber dicitur ethimologice quasi colens vmbram (A serpent (coluber) is said etymologically as if worshipping a shadow) 20ra
66 Columba Dove Secundum Glossam super Cantica, columba felle caret (According to the Gloss, on the Canticles, the dove is lacking in bile) 20ra
67 Comedere To Eat Ad hoc, debet homo comedere ut possit laborare (For this, man ought to eat so that he can work) 20ra
68 Concordia Harmony Job 25[:2], dicitur de Deo, Qui facit concordiam (In Job 25[:2], it is said concerning God, “He who makes peace) 20rb
69 Confessio Confession Multiplex est confessio. Nam quedam est laudis, quedam fidei (Confession is multiple. For sometimes it is of praise, sometimes of faith) 20va
70 Congregare To Gather Together Triplex est congregacio: infima, media, supprema (Gathering is triple: the lowest, the middle, and the highest) 21va
71 Compassio Sympathy Compassio debet esse ad tria: ad auxiliandum, ad corrigendum (Our sympathy ought to be toward three: for helping, for correcting) 21vb
72 Consciencia Conscience Dicit Apostolus, 2 Cor. 1[:12]: Gloria nostra hec est (The Apostle says, 2 Cor. 1[:12]: “Our glory is this) 22ra
73 Considerare To Consider Homo debet considerare supra se, in celo agnum glorie ut emat (Man ought to consider above himself, in heaven so that he may buy) 22rb
74 Consilium Counsel In consilio quatuor debent considerari: expediens, facile, certum (In counsel four things ought to be considered: the expedient, the easy) 22va
75 Consolacio Consolation Hic nota quod consolacio quedam diuina, quedam mundana (Note here that consolation is something divine and something worldly) 22va
76 Consuetudo Custom Beatus Hieronimus dicit, Epistola 89, quod Magnus Alexander (Blessed Jerome says, Epistola 89, that Alexander the Great) 22vb
77 Consummacio Consummation Dominus considerat finem consummacionis plusquam principium (The Lord considers the end of the consummation more) 22vb
78 Contricio Contrition Contricio est dolor cordis voluntarie assumptus pro peccato (Contrition is the sorrow of heart voluntarily assumed) 23ra
79 Conuersio Conversion Ad conuersionem peccatoris quatuor requiritur (For the conversion of the sinner four things are required) 23ra
80 Cor Heart Aliquando cor ponitur pro anima, sicut dicit Augustinus (Sometimes the heart (cor) is placed for the soul (anima) 23va
81 Corona Crown Secundum Chrisostomum, homilia 83, Super Matthaeum (According to Chrysostom, homily 83, Super Mattheum) 24rb
82 Cornu Horn Secundum Philosophum, tercio, De animalibus, c. 3 (According to the Philosopher, book three, De animalibus, c. 3) 24vb
83 Correccio Correction Plura de ista materia vide supra, capitulo [26] Arguere (For more of these matters see above, chapter [26] To Accuse (Arguere) 24vb
84 Corpus Body Sicut in vno corpore multa membra habemus (Just as in one body we have many members) 25rb
85 Crux Cross Secundum Gregorium, Homilia 17, a cruciatu dicitur (According to Gregory, Homilia 17, a cross (crux) is said) 25rb
86 Credere To Believe Debet homo Deum Deo in Deum, secundum Magister Sentenciarum (Man ought to believe God [exists], God [is true], and in God) 25va
87 Crescere To Increase Secundum mandatum Domini, Gen. 1[:22] (According to the commandment of the Lord, Gen. 1[:22]) 25vb
88 Cupiditas Greed Secundum doctores, est inordinatus et immoderatus appetitus boni (According to the teachers, greed is the inordinate and immoderate) 26va
89 Currere To Run Augustinus in libello, De perfeccione justicie, capitulo 19 (Augustine in his little book, De perfeccione justicie, chapter 19) 26va
90 Custodia uel Custodire Guard or To Guard Custodia triplex est: humana, anglica, et diuina (A guard is triple: human, angelic, and divine) 27ra
91 Colligere To Collect Debet homo quedam pertinacia ad seipsum, quedam ad proximum (Man ought to collect some determinations for himself) 27rb
92 Dare To Give Deus dat aliquid homini, sicut sponsus sponse, ut magis ametur (God gives something to man, just as a spouse to his bride) 27va
93 Debitum Debt Duplex inuenitur debitum, legale et morale (Debt is found to be double, legal and moral) 28rb
94 Decem Ten Aristoteles in Problematibus suis, querit vltra decem non proceditur (Aristotle in his Problems asks why beyondten) 28rb
95 Descendere Descend Secundum Augustinum, Dei Filius descendit in cor virginis (According to Augustine, the Son of God descended into the heart) 28va
96 Desertum Desert Domus carnis et mundi desertum est, quo ad Deum (The home of the flesh and the world is the desert, as far as God) 28vb
97 Detractor uel Detrahere A Slanderer or To Slander Sapiens, volens nos informari contra detraccionem, dicit, Sap. 1[:11] (The wise man, wishing us to be informed against slander) 29ra
98 Desperacio uel Desperare Desperation or To Despair Secundum Augustinum, peccatum cum desperacione certa mors est (According to Augustine, a sin with despair is certain death) 29va
99 Decime Tithes Dande sunt decime omni datori de iure naturali in signum vniuersalis (Tithes are to be given by every giver from the natural law) 29vb
100 Delicie Delights Deliciarum tria sunt genera carnales, spirituales, celestes (The three kinds of delights are carnal, spiritual, and celestial) 29vb
101 Deus God Deus ostenditur in scriptura summe potens, summe sapiens (God is shown in scriptures as all powerful, all wise, and all good) 30ra
102 Dextra On the Right Hand Secundum Ysidorum, 11, Ethymologiarum capitulo 9 (According to Isidore, book 11, chapter 9, of the Etymologies) 30va
103 Dicere To Say Dicit Deus, dicit homo. Deus dicit quedam docendo (God speaks, man speaks. God says certain thing by teaching) 30va
104 Disciplina uel Discere Study or To Learn Homo debet discere sex lecciones ad hoc quod perueniat ad perfectionem (Man ought to learn six lessons to this end which will arrive at perfection) 30vb
105 Dies Days Sunt dies preteriti, presentis, et futuri. Preteriti dies sunt memorandi (There are days past, present, and future. Past days are to be remembered) 30vb
106 Diligere uel Dileccio To Love or Love Homo debet tria diligere: seipsum, proximum, Deum (Man ought to love three: himself, his neighbor, and God) 32ra
107 Dirigere To Guide Secundum Hugonem, est ad diuersa regere et dirigi (According to Hugo, to rule and to be guided are diverse) 32ra
108 Dissimulacio Concealment Aliquando procedit ex necligencia, quandoque ex prudencia (Sometimes concealment proceeds from negligrence) 32ra
109 Dispersio Scattering In exercitu est signum quod populus est victus aut cito vincendus (Scattering in an army is the sign that the people have been conquered) 32ra
110 Diuicie uel Diues Riches or a Rich Man Eccle. 5[:9] dicitur, Qui amat diuicias fructum non capiet (In Eccle. 5[:9] it is said, “He that loves riches shall reap no fruit) 32rb
111 Dominus Lord Hoc nomen tribus personis in Trinitate appropriate (This name, Lord, is appropriate to the three persons in the Trinity) 33ra
112 Domus House Cum domum Dei considero, aliud reperio infra me, aliud superna me (When I consider the house of God, I find something below me) 33rb
113 Dormire To Sleep Dormicio quedam est naturalis ad fometum nature concessa (Some sleep is a natural concession as a poultice of nature) 33va
114 Duo Two In Eccle. 4[:9], dicitur, Melius est duos esse similis (In Eccle. 4[:9], it is said, “It is better therefore that two should be) 34ra
115 Duodecim Twelve Duodenarius numerus valet ad supportandum in fabrica structure (The number containing twelve is strong for supporting in the building) 34rb
116 Ducere To Lead Ductus est Jhesus ad quatuor et propter quatuor (Jesus is led to four places and because of four reasons) 34rb
117 Durum Hard Dicitur ab expertis quod viator molliter ambulat, set dure sedeat (It is said by those experienced that the traveler walks softly) 34rb
118 Ebrietas Drunkenness Consistit in immoderata potacione quod potest contingere tripliciter (It consists in immoderate drinking which can happen in three ways) 34va
119 Ecclesia Church Duplex legitur ecclesia. Vna materialis, que consistit (The church is read to be double. One is material, which consists) 34vb
120 Egressus siue Exitus Departure or Egress Inueneritur triplex: diuinus, humanus, angelicus (It is found to be triple: divine, human, and angelic) 35ra
121 Eleccio uel Eligere Choice or To Choose Eligit homo, eleccio dominica est quadruplex (Man chooses. The choice of the Lord is fourfold) 35vb
122 Elemosina Alms Circa hanc naturam, nota quod triplex est (Concerning the nature of this, note that alms are threefold) 36va
123 Ego I Hoc pronomen, ego, notat in Christo triplicem excellenciam (This pronoun, I, denotes in Christ a triple excellence) 37va
124 Eloquencia Eloquence Designatur per aurum quod inter cetera metalla multum (It is designated by gold because among other metals it is the best) 37va
125 Edificatio Constructing Triplex inuenitur: terrestris, spiritualis, et celestis (It is found to be triple: earthly, spiritual, and celestial) 37va
126 Empcio uel Emere Purchase or To Buy Empcione duplici eget homo, passiua et actiua (Man needs a double purchase, passive and active) 37vb
127 Eucaristia Eucharist Dicitur magnum sacramentum et racione subiecti et racione effectus (It is said to be a great sacrament both by reason of the subject and by reason of the effect) 38rb
128 Exaltare uel Eleuare Exalt or to Elevate Aliquando fit exaltacio in bono, Ezech. 17[:24] (Sometimes exaltation happens for the good, Ezech. 17[:24]) 38va
129 Extendere To Stretch Out Deus extendit manum suam homini (God stretches out his hand to man) 39rb
130 Exultare To Exult Duplex exultacio inuenitur secundum duplicem statum hominis (Exultation is found to be double according to the double state of man) 39rb
131 Expectare To Wait For Expectacio triplex legitur: diuina, diabolica, et humana (Expectation is read to be triple: divine, diabolical and human) 39ra
132 Facere To Make Secundum Philosophum, 2 Ethicorum, scire parum valet ad virtutem sine virtute (According to the Philosopher, 2 Ethics, to know is of insufficient value) 39rb
133 Facies Face Graue est diligenti si dilectus suus auertat faciem suam (It is serious for the lover if his beloved averts her face) 40ra
134 Fama uel Infamia Fame or Infamy Fama bona impinguat ossa, Prou. 15[:30] (“A good name makes the bones fat,” Prov. 15[:30]) 40ra
135 Fames Hunger Secundum Eccli. 39[:35]: Ignis, grando, fames, mors (According to Eccli. 39[:35]: “Fire, hail, famine, and death) 40va
136 Fides Faith Secundum Apostolus, Heb. 11[:1]: Fides est substantia (According to the Apostle, Heb. 11[:1]: “Faith is the substance) 40va
137 Fidelitas Faithfulness Triplex legitur: Dei ad hominem, hominis ad Deum, hominis ad hominem (It is read to be triple: of God to man, of man to God, and of man to man) 41rb
138 Filius Son Secundum ethimologiam, filius dicitur quia fit ut ille (According to etymology son (filius) is said he becomes (fit) as that one (ille) 41va
139 Filia Daughter Dicitur anima racionalis, secundum illud Psal. [44:11] (She is said to be the rational soul, according to that of the Psal. [44:11) 41va
140 Fidelitas Faithfulness Inter omnes condiciones, fidelitas potissime laudatur, Prou. 28[:20] (Among all the conditions, faithfulness is particularly to be praised, Prov. 28[:20]) 41vb
141 Flos Flower De homine dicitur Job 14[:1-2]: Homo natus de muliere (Concerning man, it is said, Job 14[:1-2]: “Man born of a woman) 42ra
142 Flere To Weep Flendum est hic propter tria: Primo, propter temporis congrauitate (Weeping is because of three things: First, because of the hardness of the time) 42va
143 Fons Fountain Iustus potest dici fons signatus per fidem, Can. 4[:12] (The just man can be called a fountain marked by faith, Can. 4[:12]) 42va
144 Frenum Bridle Sicut equus freno ducitur quo cessor voluerit, sic diabolus (Just as a horse is guided by a bridle wherever the rider wishes, so the devil) 42vb
145 Formica Ant Socios iuuat. Ecce caritas solicitat, laborat (It helps its companions. Behold charity arouses, strives) 42vb
146 Fornax Furnace Alia est bonorum qua iusti probantur, Eccli. [27:6] (It is one of good things by which the just men are tested, Eccli.) 42vb
147 Finis End Inuenitur triplex: temporum, locorum, hominum (It is found to be triple: of times, of places, and of men) 43ra
148 Flagellum Whip Duplex est flagellum, Dei et hominis (The whip is double, of God and of man) 43ra
149 Frater, Fraternitas Brother, Brotherhood Quadruplex fraternitas reperitur: naturalis et spiritualis (Brotherhood is found to be fourfold: natural and spiritual) 43ra
150 Fructus Fruit Matt. 12[:33] dicitur, ex fructu cognoscitur arbor (In Matt. 12[:33] it is said, “By the fruit the tree is known) 43rb
151 Fugere To Flee Debet homo multa, et primo per diuersam societatem (Man ought to flee many things, and first through the contrary) 43vb
152 Funis vel Funiculus Rope or Cord Duplex est funiculus quo ligantur homines vnus vite alius mortis (The cord by which men are tied is double, one of life, the other of death) 44rb
153 Foris Out of Doors Peccator dicitur esse foris, nam qui non potest soluere pensionem domus sue (The sinner is said to be out of doors, for one who cannot make the payment) 44 va
154 Filii Dei Sons of God Probantur per multa. Primo, per similitudinis expressionem (They are proven through many ways. First, through the expression of likeness) 44va
155 Gaudium Joy Triplex est gaudium. Nam quoddam est peruersorum quod fugiendum est (Joy is triple. For some joy is of the perverse which is to be fled) 44vb
156 Gladius Sword In Scriptura Sacra per gladium aliquando intelligitur potestas iurisdictionis (In Sacred Scripture through the sword is sometimes understood the power) 45rb
157 Gloria Glory Tripliciter distinguitur. Est enim gloria mundana et gloria humana (It is distinguished in three ways. For there is worldly glory and human glory) 45va
158 Gracia Grace Gracia commendatur multipliciter, quia est innocencie nutrimentum (Grace is commended in many ways, because it is the nourishment of innocence) 45vb
159 Gula Gluttony Est immoderatus amor deleccionis secundum gustum (It is immoderate love of delight according to taste) 46ra
160 Generacio Generation Duplex est generacio, diuina et humana. Diuina adhuc triplex (Generation is double, divine and human. Divine up to now has been triple) 46vb
161 Homo Man Circa studium condicionis humane, considerare possumus ingressum (Concerning the study of the human condition, we can consider the entry) 46vb
162 Homicidium Murder Duplex est homicidium, scilicet, corporale et spirituale (Murder is double, namely bodily or spiritually) 47rb
163 Humilitas Humility Secundum Bernardum, De gradibus humilitatis, humilitas est virtus (According to Bernard, De gradibus humilitatis, humility is a virtue) 47va
164 Hereditas Heredity Celestis hereditas non minuitur nec coangustatur heredum multitudine (Celestial heredity is not lessened nor restricted by the multitude of heirs) 48va
165 Homo Man Debet attendere duo in seipso, scilicet, dignitatem ne vilescat (He ought to attend to two things in himself, namely, his dignity lest he become worthless) 48va
166 Honor Esteem Tria genera hominum sunt honoranda, scilicet, precedentens, parentes (Three kinds of men are to be esteemed, namely, those going before us, our parents) 49rb
167 Hostis Enemy Hostem triplicem habet homo: mundum, carnem, demonem (Man has a triple enemy: the world, the flesh, and the devil) 49va
168 Jacere To Lie Prostrate Si homo iaceat signum est aut doloris aut corporis aut laboris (If a man lies prostrate it is a sign of suffering either of the body or of labor) 49vb
169 Jeiunium Fasting Nota hic primo quod Deus instituit ieiunium in paradiso (Note here first that God instituted fasting in paradise) 49vb
170 Jhesus Jesus Hoc nomen est super omne nomen [Philip. 2:9] (This “name is above all names” [Philip. 2:9]) 50ra
171 Jeiunium Fasting Auis macillenta facilius aufungit ancipitrem et altius volat (A lean bird more easily escapes the hawk and flies higher) 50va
172 Jerusalem Jerusalem Quatuor modes accipitur Ierusalem secundum quod habet quatuor theoricos (Jerusalem is understood four ways according to that there are four theories) 51ra
173 Jactancia Boasting Procedit de superbia et facit hominem amittere fructum operum suorum (It proceeds from pride and makes a man to lose the fruit of his works) 51ra
174 Ignis Fire Triplex ignis legitur, spiritualis, artificialis, naturalis (Fire is read to be triple, spiritual, artificial, and natural) 51rb
175 Infirmare uel Infirmitas To Weaken or Infirmity Nota hic quot varietates languorum tot species viciorum (Note here there are as many varieties of feebleness as so many kinds of vices) 51va
176 Incarnacio Incarnation Qualem et quantum effectum habeat Deus ad genus humanum patet per eius (What kind and how much an effect God has on human kind is evident by his incarnation) 51vb
177 Ingratitudo Ingratitude Secundum Bernardum in quodam Sermone, nichil ita displicet in filiis (According to Bernard in some Sermon, nothing so displeases in the sons of grace) 52ra
178 Imago Image Triplex est imago. Est enim imago creacionis et illa est nature (An image is threefold. For there is an image of creation and that is of nature) 52rb
179 Inclinare To Bend Duplex est inclinacio. Vna Dei ad ymaginem. (Inclination is double. One of God to the image) 52rb
180 Induere To Put On Secundum varietatem statuum parantur varia indumenta (According to the variety of estates various garments are prepared) 52rb
181 Infernus Hell Multiplex est pena in inferno, quia ibi est pena dampni quod est carencia visionis (The pain in hell is multiple, because there is the pain of the damned) 52va
182 Inuenire To Find Christus inuenitur in quinque locis. Primo in presepio a pastoribus (Christ is found in five places. First in the manger by the shepherds) 52vb
183 Intelligere To Understand Debemus intelligere ea que supra nos, Luc. 2[:50] Deum (We ought to understand those matters which are above us, Luke 2[:50] God) 52vb
184 Inuidia Envy Secundum doctores inuidia est dolor seu tristicia de alieno bono (According to the teachers, envy is sorrow or sadness concerning another’s good) 53rb
185 [H]ipocrisis Hypocrisy Hoc vicium multum dissuadetur a Christo sicut patet Matt. 6[:16] (This vice dissuades many from Christ as is evident in Matt. 6[:16]) 53vb
186 Ira Anger Secundum Augustinum, Contra Faustum, ira est concitati animi perturbacio (According to Augustine, Contra Faustum, anger is the disturbance) 54ra
187 Jugum Yoke Est duplex, iugum Dei et diaboli. Iugum Dei reuera leue est licet graue videatur (It is double, the yoke of God and of the devil. The yoke of God is truly light) 54vb
188 Judex Judge Duo sunt a quibus debent iudices cauere: ira et auaricia (There are two about which judges ought to beware: anger and avarice) 55ra
189 Judicium Judgment Multiplex iudicum reperitur. Nam quoddam est metuendum (Judgment is found to have many meanings. For a certain thing is to be feared) 55rb
190 Justicia Justice Secundum Philosophum, 5 Ethicorum, justicia duplex. Vna que est virtus (According to the Philosopher, Ethics, book 5, justice is double) 56va
191 Jurare To Swear Saluator vetat iurarentum, Matt. 5[:34] (Our Savior forbids swearing, Matt. 5[:34]) 57ra
192 Labor Work Job 5[:7]: Homo nascitur ad laborem, et avis ad volatum (Job 5[:7]: “Man is born to labor and the bird to fly.”) 57rb
193 Lacrime Tears Quidam lacrimatur inutiliter ut finaliter impenitentes (Some cry uselessly such as the finally impenitent and the damned) 57vb
194 Lapis Stone In lapide sunt tria: ponderositas, frigiditas, duricies fit in corde infideli (In a stone, there are three matters: weight, coldness, and hardness) 58ra
195 Lauare To Wash Duplex sit lotio in homine corporis et anime (Washing is double in man, of body and soul) 58ra
196 Laus, Laudare Praise, To Praise Solet aliquid dandari tripliciter. Uel comparacione rei nobilis (Something is accustomed to be given in three ways. Either by comparison to a noble object) 58va
197 Leo Lion Leo studiosus est industria naturali, generosus est in naturali irrationali (A lion is attentive in its natural diligence, generous in its irrational nature) 58va
198 Leticia Joy Triplex inuenitur. Nam quedam est periculosa ut mundanorum qui letantur (It is found to be threefold. For something is dangerous as those of the world) 59ra
199 Lepra Leprosy Designat peccatum eo quod sit morbus contagiosus, periculosus, odiosus (It designates sin because it is an illness that is contagious, dangerous, and odious) 59rb
200 Lex Law Lex Dei commendatur propter octo partes quas continet (The law of God is commended because of the eight parts which it contains) 59va
201 Liber Book Quadruplex liber reperitur, scilicet, consciencie, scripture, creature, vite (A book is found to be fourfold, namely, of conscience, scripture, creature, and life) 59vb
202 Liberare To Free Liberat nos Christus a laqueo peccati et a domino diaboli (Christ frees us from the snare of sin and from the dominion of the devil) 60rb
203 Ligare To Bind Solent ligari tria rerum genera: quia homines ut crucientur (Three kinds of things are to be bound: namely men that they may be tortured) 60va
204 Lignum Wood Super lignum onus portatur; ex ligno ignis mittitur; lignum liquores alterat (Upon wood a burden is carried; fire is emitted from wood; wood alters liquors) 60va
205 Lilium Lily In lilio nota moralis puritas quando vir sanctus ei comparatur, Ose. [14:6] (In the lily note the moral purity when a holy man is compared to it, Ose. [14:6]) 61ra
206 Lingua Tongue Quatuor facit: format sermones, discernit sapores, concordat homines (The tongue does four things: it forms words, discerns tastes, makes peace between men) 61va
207 Loqui To Speak Deus loquitur homini et homo Deo, sed Deus loquitur dupliciter (God speaks to man and man to God, but God speaks doubly) 61vb
208 Locus Place Quatuor sunt loca quibus anime nunc habitant (There are four places in which souls now dwell, namely, hell, purgatory, paradise, and this world) 62va
209 Lugere, Luctus To Grieve, Sorrow Quidam lugent vtiliter, quidam inutiliter (Some grieve usefully, some uselessly. They grieve usefully in the present who bewail sins) 62vb
210 Lucerna Lamp Predicator potest dici lucerna, Psal. [131:17] (A preacher can be called a lamp, Psal. [131:17]) 63ra
211 Luna Moon Luna habet quedam in apparencia tantum, quedam in apparencia et existencia (The moon has certain properties in appearance only, certain others in appearance) 63rb
212 Lux Light In corporalibus est vehiculum caloris (In corporal substances light is the vehicle of heat) 63va
213 Luxuria Lust Luxuria est libidinose voluptatis appetitus (Lust is an appetite for wanton desire) 64rb
214 Macula Stain Deus uult sibi seruiri sine macula, Can. 4[:7] (God wants to be served without stain, Cant. 4[:7]) 65ra
215 Magister Master Magister dicitur Christus, Matt. 23[:10] (The master is said to be Christ, Matt. 23[:10]) 65rb
216 Magnum Great Secundum Philosophum, 7, Politicarum, c. 7, ad iudicandum (According to the Philosopher, in the book 7 of the Politics, chapter 7, to judge) 65rb
217 Malum Evil In Psal. [89:15] scribitur, Lætati sumus pro diebus (In Psal. [89:15] it is written, “We have rejoiced for the days) 65va
218 Maledicere To Curse Maledictione tolerande sunt, exemplo Christi, Jer. 15[:10-11] (Speaking evil is to be tolerated, by the example of Christ) 65vb
219 Mandatum Commandment Per tria potest homo impediri a complecione mandatorum Dei (Through three matters a man can be impeded from fulfilling the commandments of God) 65vb
220 Manus Hand Secundum Philosophum secundo De anima, manus est organum (According to the Philosopher in the second book of De anima, the hand is the organ of organs) 66rb
221 Manducate Eat Manducacio est triplex: corporalis et sacramentalis, celestis (Eating is triple: bodily, sacramentally, and heavenly) 66va
222 Mare Sea Mare vno modo dicitur penitencia (The sea in one way is said to be penance) 66vb
223 Maria Mary Maria ex fide commendatur. Quod enim omnes clerici mundi non probarent (Mary is commended by the faith. For what all the clerics of the world do not prove) 67rb
224 Mater Mother Sicut colligitur ex dictis angelis libro De bono coniugali (As it is gathered from the angels’ words in the book De bone) 67vb
225 Medicus, Medicina, Mederi Physician, Medicine, To Cure Medicina duplex est. Nam quedam est curatiua infirmitatis, quedam conseruantia sanitatis (Medicine is double. For some is curative of sickness, some conservative) 67vb
226 Melior Better Vna res melior alia tribus de causis, utpote si sit securior sit (One thing is better than another for three reasons, for example if it would be more secure) 68rb
227 Mendacium Lie Secundum Augustinum, libro De mendacio, et secundum Magister (According to Augustine, in the book De mendacio, and according to the Master) 68va
228 Memorari To Remember Quilibet debet esse memor pertinencium ad seipsum (Anyone ought to be mindful of the prerogatives for oneself) 68vb
229 Merces Wages Fidelis dominus fideliter seruienti mercedem reddit iuxta opera sua (The faithful Lord pays faithfully to the one serving his wages according to his works) 68vb
230 Miles, Militia, Militancium Soldier, Military Service, Serving in the Military Diuersa genera. Nam quedam militant contra nos (These are of diverse genres. For certain ones are in warfare against us) 69ra
231 Minister Attendant Ministrorum Christi consideranda sunt merita (The merits of the attendants of Christ are to be considered) 69rb
232 Medium Middle Christus tenuit medium. Primo, iacens in medio dominum animalium (Christ holds the middle. First, lying in the middle of domestic animals) 69va
233 Miraculum Miracle Secundum Gregorium, homilia 4 Super Mattheum, infirmos curate (According to Gregory, homily 4, Super Mattheum, cure the sick) 69vb
234 Misericordia Mercy Misericordia duplex est: misericordia diuina et humana (Mercy is double: divine and human mercy 69vb
235 Mittere Send Quantum diligat homines patet ex eis missionibus (How much God loves men is evident from those sent to them) 70vb
236 Mons Mountain Aliquando mons sumitur pro beatitudine, Abd. 1[:17] (Sometimes a mountain is assumed for beatitude, Abd. 1[:17]) 70vb
237 Mors, Mori Death, To Die Secundum Augustinum, 13 De civitate, mors est triplex: nature, culpe (According to Augustine, book 13, De civitate, death is triple: of nature, of fault, and of hell) 71rb
238 Mulier Woman In veteri lege triplex erat maledictio mulieribus inflicta (In the Old Law, a triple curse was inflicted on women) 72ra
239 Mundus World Iste est locus peregrinacionis, tribulationis, operacionis (This is the place of pilgrimage, tribulation, work) 72vb
240 Mundus -da -dum, Mundare, Mundicia Clean, To Clean, Cleanliness Multa sunt in nobis mundanda et per multa. Nam primo mundanda est cogitacio (Many things are to be cleaned in us and by many means) 73vb
241 Mutare, Mutacio Change, Mutation Nota hic quod mutacio non cadit in Deum, secundum illud Mal. 3[:6] (Note here that change does not fall from God, according to that of Mal. 3[:6]) 74rb
242 Nasci, Natus To Be Born, Born Sicut legimus, in Christo tres substantias: diuinitatem, carnem, spiritum (Just as we read, there are three substances in Christ: divinity, flesh, and spirit) 74va
243 Necgligencia Neglect Legitur Exod. 9[:21] in illa plaga que fuit de grauedine (It is read in Exod. 9[:21] in that plague which was of a heavy) 74vb
244 Negociari To Trade Augustinus, De achademicis questionibus, dicit non simus rerum (Augustine, De academicis questionibus, says we are not the possessors) 74vb
245 Nauis Ship Triplex nauis inuenitur. Prima fuit innocencie (Ship is found triply. First was of innocence) 74vb
246 Nomen Name Habet Deus nomina sua. Habet diabolus nomina sua (God has his names. The devil has his names) 75rb
247 Nouum New In sacra scriptura nouum quandoque dicitur innouans ut ibi [Joan. 13:34] (In sacred scriptures new sometimes is called renewing as there [John 13:34]) 75vb
248 Nox Night Aliquando nox designat tempus veteris testamenti quia onerosum (Sometimes night designates the time of the old testament because it was burdensome) 76ra
249 Nubes Cloud In nube potest notari status cuiuslibet victoris (In a cloud the status of any conqueror can be noted) 76rb
250 Nuditas, Nudus Nakedness, Naked Qui incidunt nudi in aquam facilius euadunt quam homines vestiti (Whoever falls naked into water escapes more easily than men who are clothed) 76va
251 Numerus, Numerare Number, To Number Secundum arithmeticas raciones numerorum alius est diminutus (According to the arithmetical reasons of numbers, one is subtractive) 76vb
252 Nunc operandum est viriliter Now one must work manfully Et primo proper periculositatem loci in quo sumus (And first because of the perilousness of the place in which we are) 77ra
253 Nupcie Marriage Illud magnum coniugium quod olim fuit in Abrahe promissum (That great marriage that formerly was promised in Abraham) 77rb
254 Obediencia Obedience Obediencia duplex est. Vna perfecta que se extendit (Obedience is double. One is perfect which extends) 77rb
255 Obliuio, Obliuisti Oblivion, You Have Forgotten Aliqua debent tradi obliuioni utpote iniurie, aliqua non utpote beneficia (Somethings ought to be handed over to oblivion as injuries, some not as benefits) 78ra
256 Occidere To Kill Ad iudices pertinet occidere eos qui nocent rei publice (For it pertains to judges to execute those who harm the republic) 78rb
257 Ocium siue Ociositas Leisure or Idleness Ocium sine litteris est viui hominis sepultura, secundum Seneca (Leisure without study is a tomb for the living man, according to Seneca) 78rb
258 Oblacio Oblation Offere oblacionem placet Deo ratione offerentis (To offer an oblation pleases God by reason of the one offering) 78rb
259 Oculus The Eye Materialis oculus habet tria: actum, objectum, defectum (The material eye has three: act, object, and defect) 78va
260 Odium Hatred Odiuntur aliqua diuersis rationibus et respicientibus (Some are hated for different reasons and respects) 79vb
261 Oleum Oil Oleum valet ad multa, quia uulnera sanat, Luc. 10[:34] (Oil is useful for many things, because it heals wounds, Luke) 80ra
262 Opus, Operari Work, To Work Ad operari tria exiguntur in operante: scire, posse, velle (To work three things are required in working: to know, to be able, and to desire) 80ra
263 Oracio, Orare Prayer, To Pray Secundum Damasium, libro tercio, capitulo 24, oratio est ascensus (According to Damascene, book three, chapter 24, prayer is the ascent) 81rb
264 Ordo Order Sicut est ordo in rebus quod leue est sursum et graue deorsum (Just as there is order in things because light is up and heavy is down) 82rb
265 [H]ortus Garden Secundum Ysidorum, Ethymologiarum, libro 17, hortus dicitur eo quod in aliquid oriatur (According to Isidore, Etymologiae, book 17, a garden (hortus) 82vb
266 Os, Oris Mouth, Of the Mouth Secundum Philosophum, De Animalibus, quedam animalia habent os magnum (According to the Philosopher, De animalibus, some animals have a large) 83ra
267 Osculum Kiss Aliquando datur osculum causa adulationis, sicut patet 2 Reg. 19[:39] (Sometimes a kiss is given as a cause of adulation, as is evident in 2 Kings 19) 83ra
268 Oves Sheep Secundum Philosophum, 7, De animalibus, ouis est animal quietum (According to the Philosopher, book 7, De animalibus, a sheep is a quiet animal) 83rb
269 Os, Ossis Bone, Of a Bone Ossa dicuntur electi quia compaginati fide (Bones are called chosen because they are joined by faith) 83va
270 Paciencia Patience Paciencia est virtus qua sustinentur aduersa (Patience is the virtue by which adversities are borne) 83va
271 Panis Bread Quadruplex panis inuenitur, scilicet, nature, doctrine, penitentie, elemosine (Bread is found in four ways, namely, in nature, doctrine, penance, alms) 84rb
272 Paries Wall Per parietem designatur aliquando caro Christi (By wall is designated sometimes the flesh of Christ) 84va
273 Pastor uel Pascere Shepherd or To Feed Cum triplex sit cibus. Materialis, de quo in Matt. [4:4] (Since food is triple: Material, about which in Matt. [4:4]) 84vb
274 Paruus uel Paruulus Little or Very Little Est paruus etate, paruus sensu, paruus malicia (One is little in years, little in sense, or little in evil) 85rb
275 Passio Christi The Passion of Christ Passio Christi mirabile non est quod iustus iudex ordiuit culpa in penam (The passion of Christ is not marvelous because a just judge ordered the fault) 85rb
276 Pascha Easter Aliquando pasca sumitur pro die, ut Luc. [22:1] (Sometimes Easter is assumed for the day, as Luke [22:1]) 86ra
277 Pater Father Augustinus in Sermone Domini de modo sermonandi 2, dicit (Augustine in a Sermone of the Lord concerning the way of making a sermon 2, says) 86ra
278 Paupertas Poverty Eligenda est paupertas propter tria. Primo, propter Christi (Poverty ought to be chosen because of three things. First, because of the approbation of Christ) 86rb
279 Pax Peace Est triplex pax: temporis, pectoris, eternitatis (There is a triple peace: of time, of the breast, and of eternity) 86vb
280 Peccatum, Peccare Sin, To Commit a Sin Tribus modis peccatur: ex infirmitate seu impotentia, aliquando ex ignorancia (In three ways a sin is committed: from infirmity or impotency) 87rb
281 Pecunia Money Secundum Ysidorum, pecunia dicitur quasi pecudia a pecore (According to Isidore, money (pecunia) is said as if a herd (pecudia) from cattle (pecore) 88va
282 Penitencia Penanace Secundum Magister, quarto Sententiis, prima tabula salutis humane (According to the Master, book four, Sententiis, in the first table of human salvation) 88vb
283 Pena Penalty In tribus locis infligitur pena: in hoc seculo, in purgatorio, in inferno (In three places penalty is inflicted: in this world, in purgatory, and in hell) 90ra
284 Perseuerancia Perseverance In virtutibus et bonis operibus requiritur omnino perseuerancia (In virtues and good works perseverance is required) 90rb
285 Perfectus Perfection Noe legitur primus perfectus, Gen. 6[:9] (Noah is read to be the first perfect man, Gen. 6[:9]) 90va
286 Perire, Periculum To Perish, Peril Pullus derelinquens parentem uel incidit in spinas uel in vrticas (The chick abandoning its parent either falls into the thorns or in the briars) 90va
287 Pes Foot Dicit Augustinus, Super Psalmis, pes meus amor meus (Augustine says, Super Psalmis, my foot is my love) 90vb
288 Petere To Seek Hic est aduertendum quod quidam nec petunt nec accipiunt, ut desparantes (Here it is to be noted that certain ones neither seek nor accept, as those despairing) 90vb
289 Petra Rock Quantum colligi potest ex scriptura, petra est res apta ad fundamentum (As far as can be collected from scripture, a rock is the apt thing for a foundation) 91rb
290 Porta Gate Per portam designatur ecclesia militans, Gen. 28[:17] (By a gate is designated the Church militant, Gen. 28[:17]) 91rb
291 Pontifex Pontiff Christus dicitur pontifex propter quatuor officia que spectant ad pontificem (Christ is said to be the pontiff because of the four offices which regard the pontiff) 91va
292 Puer Boy In sacra scriptura puer aliquando dicitur a pueritia (In sacred scripture boy (puer) is sometimes is said from childhood (pueritia) 91va
293 Pulcritudo Beauty Est pulcritudo triplex: corporalis, virtualis, eternalis (Beauty is triple: bodily, virtual, eternal) 92ra
294 Plenum, Plenitudo Full, Fullness Vas iudicatur plenum per tria. Quando, scilicet, de diuidancia sua (A vessel is judged to be full by three indications. When, namely, from its dividing) 92va
295 Preceptum Precept Nota quod hic proprie loquendo est imperium faciendi aliquid (Note that here properly speaking is the authority of doing something) 92va
296 Predicor, Predicare Preacher, To Preach Primum, quod debet predicator facere ante sermonem est orare (First, what the preacher ought to do before the sermon) 92vb
297 Prelatus Prelate Prelatus preesse, Augustinus, De duodecim abusionibus, dicitur omnis qui (A prelate is to superintend, Augustine, De duodecim abusionibus, as it is said) 93rb
298 Perjurium Perjury Nota hic quod periurans siue periurus. Primo, obligat se diabolo (Note here that one who is perjuring is a perjurer. First, he obligates himself to the devil) 94rb
299 Propheta Prophet Hoc nomen cum habeat h. post p. non descendit a profor, profaris (This name when it has “h” after “p” does not descend from “I speak out, you speak) 94va
300 Prope Near Dominus est prope homini. Primo, ut custodiat eum (The Lord is near to man. First, so that he may guard him) 94vb
301 Proprium, Proprietas Property, Possession In primitiua ecclesia, omnis qui credebant erant pariter et erant illis omnia (In the primitive Church, everyone who believed was equal and they held all their things) 94vb
302 Prudencia Prudence Secundum Philosophum, 6, Ethicorum, prudencia est recta ratio agibilium (According to the Philosopher, book 6, Ethica, prudence is the right reason) 94vb
303 Quatuor Four Secundum Augustinum, 11, De civitate, capitulo 31, numerus quaternarius (According Augustine, book 11, De civitate, chapter 31, the number four) 95rb
304 Quinque Five Numerus quinarius est primus recedens a quaternario (The number five is the first receding from the number four) 95rb
305 Querere To Seek Quedam querunt diuina et non inueniunt (Some seek divine things and they do not find them) 95rb
306 Quadraginta Forty Numerus quadragenarius in Sacra Scriptura est sacratus in sacris misteriis (The fortieth number in Sacred Scripture is made sacred and open) 96ra
307 Racio Reason Racio dupliciter accipitur: vno modo pro animi potentia (Reason (and reckoning) are understood in two ways: one way for the power of the mind) 96ra
308 Radix Root Sicut arbor sine radice non stat in uento nec crescit nec fructificat (Just as a tree without a root does not stand in the wind nor grow nor bear fruit) 96rb
309 Rectum Straight Secundum Euclidem, rectum dicitur cuius medium non exit ab extremis (According to Euclid, a straight (line segment) is said to be one whose middle does not extend) 96rb
310 Rector Guide Rector aliorum debet habere auctoritatem in imperiis, Eccli. 17[:14] (A guide of others ought to have authority in commanding, Eccli. 17[:14]) 96vb
311 Reddere To Return Redditur quandoque malum pro bone, sicut Iudei Christo, Psal. [34:12] (Sometimes evil is returned for good, just as the Jews did to Christ, Psal. [34:12]) 96vb
312 Redempcio, Redempto, uel Redimere Redemption, Redeemed, or To Redeem Quamuis filii Israel redempti fuissent de seruitute Egipciata corporali (Although the children of Israel were redeemed from the servitude of Egypt by reason) 97ra
313 Recolere uel Recordari To Remember or To Record Homo debet pertinere recolere pertinencia ad Deum et ad seipsum (Man ought to remember particularly the prerogatives for God and for himself) 97rb
314 Regnum Kingdom Regnum triplex est. Vnum intra nos quod debemus conseruare (Kingdom is triple. One is inside us which we must conserve) 97vb
315 Religio Religion Religio dicitur frugis uite melioris, Extra. De statu monachorum, (Religion is said to be the fruit of a better life, Extra. De statu monachorum,) 98rb
316 Relinquere To Leave Multa sunt relinquenda, sed potissime tria secundum Chrisostum (Many things are to be left, but three in particular according to Chrysostom) 98vb
317 Rex King Cum dicat sapientia, Prou. 8[:15]: Per me reges regnant (Since wisdom says, Prov. 9[:15]: “By me kings reign.”) 99ra
318 Replere To Refill Augustinus, 10, Confessiones, ca. 29, dicit cum inhesero tibi, non erit mihi labor (Augustine, book 10, Confessiones, c. 29, says when I cleave to you) 99rb
319 Requies, Requiescere Rest, To Repose Duplex est requies. Vna apparens et non existens et ideo vera (Rest is double. One is apparent and not existing and therefore) 99va
320 Resurgere, Resurrectio To Rise from the Dead, Resurrection Duplex est resurrectio secundum Augustinus. Vna mentium in hoc mundo (Resurrection is double according to Augustine. One of minds in this world) 99vb
321 Respicere To Look Back Homo debet respicere secundum sex habitudines, quia, superius, inferius (Man ought to look back according to six dispositions, namely, above, below) 100rb
322 Rethe Net Christus volens ostendere misticum sensum retium (Christ wishing to show the mystical sense of nets) 100rb
323 Reuerti To Return Augustinus in libello suo De nouo cantico, dicit quod inter viatores (Augustine in his little book De nouo cantico says that among pilgrims) 100va
324 Sacerdos Priest Circa ministerium sacerdotis contingit tria reperire: ordo sacerdotii (Concerning the ministry of the priest it requires looking into for three matters: the order) 101ra
325 Sagitta Arrow Secundum Gregorium, 6 Moralium, sagitta quandoque dicitur predicacio (According to Gregory, book 6 Moralia, an arrow sometimes is said to be) 101va
326 Salus, Saluare Health, To Save Omnia animalia naturaliter appetunt salutem suam (All animals naturally seek their health) 101vb
327 Sanctus, Sanctitas Holy, Holiness Aliter sanctificat homo, aliter Deus (Man sanctifies one way, God another) 102ra
328 Sanitas Health Sanitas spiritualis recuperatur: primo, per lacrimosam contritionem (Spiritual health is recuperated: first, by tearful contrition) 102va
329 Sabbatum Sabbath Quandoque ponitur pro tota hebdomada sicut ibi [Luc. 18:12] (Sometimes it is placed for the whole week as there [Luke) 102vb
330 Sanguis Blood Jesus sanguis erat Judeis interdictus in signum et detestacionem effusionis (The blood of Jesus was forbidden by the Jews in sign and detestation of the spilling) 103ra
331 Sal Salt Consulit Marcus euangelista capitulo 9[:49] sic, Habete in vobis sal (The evangelist Mark counseled in chapter 9[:49] thus, “Have salt in you.”) 103va
332 Sapiencia Wisdom Quidam videntur sapientes et non sunt, sicut auricalcum apparet (Some seem wise and are not, just as brass appears) 103vb
333 Sacrilegium Sacrilege Sacrilegium est sacre rei violacio uel vsurpacio (Sacrilege is the violation of a consecrated thing or the usurpation of it) 104rb
334 Satisfactio Satisfaction Quia tripliciter pecco, scilicet, corde, ore, et opere (Because I sin in three ways, namely, in thought, word, and deed) 104va
335 Septenarius Seven Septenarius est numerus integritatis infra primum limitem (Seven is the number of wholeness below the first limit) 104va
336 Separacio Separation Nota quod quatuor de causis fit separacio in rebus (Note that there are four reasons for separation in things) 104vb
337 Sequi To Follow Multum refert inter sequelam hominum et sequelam canum bestiam (There are many differences between the following of men and the following of dogs) 104vb
338 Semen Seed Semen est sui multiplicatum et sub nutrimentum (Seed is for the multiplication of itself and nutrification) 105ra
339 Serpens Snake Sunt alique proprietates serpentis laudabilis (There are some praiseworthy properties of the snake) 105rb
340 Sermo Word Secundum Philosophum, primo Politice, cum quadam animalia habeant vocem (According to the Philosopher, the first book of Politics, whereas some animals) 105rb
341 Seruare To Keep Manifeste probat Christus se diligi (Christ proves openly that he is to be loved) 105va
342 Seruire, Seruus To Serve, Servant Sicut varii sunt domini, varii sunt serui (Just as there are various lords, there are various servants) 105va
343 Sentite Be Sensible Of Hoc sentite in vobis quod et in Christo (Be sensible of what is in you and in Christ) 106ra
344 Scire To Know Sciencia tribus modis deuenitur ad noticiam rei (Knowledge comes to the notice of consideration by three ways) 106rb
345 Scriptura Scripture Scriptura sacra est velud Spiritus Sancti apotheca (Sacred scripture is like a drugstore of the Holy Spirit) 106vb
346 Socius, Societas, Socialis Companion, Fellowship, Social Vita securior est socialis vita quam solitaria, Eccle. 4[:9] (The social life is more secure than the solitary life, Eccle.) 107ra
347 Solus, Solitarius Alone, Solitary An plus expediat solitaria vita quasi communis (Whether the solitary life is more expedient than the common) 107va
348 Sol The Sun Secundum Philosophum, et alios, sol dicitur oculus mundi (According to the Philosopher, and others, the sun is) 107va
349 Superbia Pride Nota hic primo quod aliqua superbia est laudanda (Note here first that some pride is praiseworthy) 108va
350 Surgere To Stand Up Mouet nos surgere oportunitas temporis in quo nunc viuimus, cum enim triplex (The opportunity of time, in which we now live, moves us to stand up) 109vb
351 Spiritus Spirit Secundum Augustinum Spiritus Sanctus est optimum donum (According to Augustine, the Holy Spirit is the best gift) 110ra
352 Sponsus Bridegroom Christus est fidelis sponsus eo quod non deserat, Osee 2[:20] (Christ is the faithful bridegroom because he does not desert) 110va
353 Stare To Stand Solent pugnantes stare in duello, perorantes in iudicio (Fighters are accustomed to stand in a duel, pleaders in a judgment) 110vb
354 Stella Star Quandoque stella designat angelum quia sicut stella habet subtantiam (Sometimes a star designates an angel because just like a star has a clear and pure substance) 111ra
355 Tabernaculum Tent Legimus de quodam tabernaculo materiali et historico que facta fuit (We read about a certain material and historical tent which was made under Moses) 111rb
356 Talentum Talent Apud diuersos, diuersum est talentum (Among diverse people, diverse is the talent) 111va
357 Tacere To Be Silent Eccle. 3[:1, 7] dicitur, Omnia tempus habent ... tempus tacendi (Eccle. 3[:1, 7] it is said, “All things have their season … A time to keep silence) 111va
358 Templum Temple Dupliciter in scriptura accipitur templum: spiritualiter et literaliter (In scripture a temple is understood in two ways: spiritually and literally) 111vb
359 Temptacio Temptation Tres sunt qui temptant: Deus, demon, homo (There are three who tempt: God, the demon, and man) 112ra
360 Tempus Time Triplex est tempus: presens, preteritum, et futurum (Time is triple: present, past, and future) 112vb
361 Temporalia Temporal Matters Augustinus, De verbis Apostoli, ergo Gregorius, temporalia non cessant (Augustine, De verbis apostoli, therefore Gregory, temporal matters to come) 113rb
362 Tenere To Hold Homo in periculo tenet et apprehendit quicquit putat eum posse iuuare (A man in danger holds and apprehends whatever he thinks can help him) 113rb
363 Tenebre Darkness Dicuntur peccata quia tenebrosum faciunt in tenebris fiunt (Sins are said to be dark because they do them in darkness, they become dark) 113va
364 Terra Earth Quandoque terra dicitur beata Virgo, sicut in Psal. [84:2] (Sometimes earth is said to be the Blessed Virgin, just as in Psal.) 113va
365 Testis, Testimonium Witness, Testimony Viri iusti habent testimonium in hoc mundo a tribus (Just men have testimony in this world from three things) 114ra
366 Timor Fear In vita presenti multiplex est timor. Est enim timor naturalis (In the present life fear is multiplex. For there is natural fear) 114rb
367 Tristicia Sadness Est aliqua tristicia ex peccatorum consideracione (There is some sadness from the consideration of sins) 114va
368 Tria Three Numerus ternarius multa continet sacramenta (The third number contains many mysteries) 114vb
369 Tribulacio Affliction Multe sunt tribulationis vtilitates (Many are the uses of affliction) 114vb
370 Trahere To Pull Secundum naturales tria naturaliter attrahunt: simile, calidum, vacuum (According to the naturalists three things attract naturally: the like, heat) 115vb
371 Vas Vessel Nota quod triplex est genus vasis (Note that the subdivision of a vessel is triple) 116rb
372 Venire To Come Venit Deus ad hominem, et econtro homo ad Deum (God came to man, and on the other hand man came to God) 116rb
373 Vertere uel Conuertere To Turn or To Convert Secundum Bernardum, Super Cantica, Homilia 39, qui nolunt conuerti (According to Bernard, Super Cantica, Homily 39, they who do not wish to be) 117rb
374 Veritas Truth Duplex est veritas: increata et creata (Truth is double: uncreated and created) 117va
375 Verbum Word Est verbum quod corde concipitur. Est verbum quod ore profertur (The word is what is conceived in the heart. The word is what is produced by the mouth) 118ra
376 Ventus Wind Ventus multas habet efficacias. Nam desiccat, refrigerat, emundat (Wind has many efficacies. For it dries, cools) 118ra
377 Vestis Clothing In veste exigitur quod sit munda. Hoc fit per continentiam et penitentiam (In clothing it is needed that it be clean. This happens through continence and penance) 118rb
378 Via Road Vita nostra quedam autem via est. Cuius principium est fetidum et pollutum (Our life however is a certain road. Of which the beginning is stinking and defiled) 118rb
379 Victoria, Vincere Victory, To Overcome Secundum Augustinum, 29, De civitate, c. 12, victoria nil aliud quam subiectio (According to Augustine, book 29, De civitate, c. 12, a victory is nothing else) 118vb
380 Videre To See Differt visio corporalis a visione mentali (Corporeal vision differs from mental) 119ra
381 Vigilare To Watch Multa faciunt hominem vigilare spiritualiter sicut et corporaliter (Many things make man to watch spiritually just as also corporeally) 120ra
382 Umbra Shadow Quia umbra multas habet proprietates similes vite presenti (Because a shadow has many properties like present life) 120ra
383 Vinum Wine Per vinum quandoque designatur gratia (Through wine sometimes grace is designated) 120rb
384 Vincula Bonds Vinculorum quedam sunt desideranda quia a Deo (There are some bonds that are desirable because they are from God) 120va
385 Virga Staff Virga dicitur beata Virgo. Nam sicut virga habet temeritudinem (A staff (virga) is said to be the Blessed Virgin. For just as a staff has boldness) 120vb
386 Virginitas Virginity Virginitas hec virtus proferenda est coniugio, et virginitas viduitati (This virtue virginity is to be preferred to marriage, and virginity to widowhood) 121ra
387 Vir Man In hoc nomine notatur moralis condicio siue morum strenuitas (In this name is noted the moral condition or the hard work of character) 121rb
388 Virtus Strength Virtuosus comparatur ligno fructuoso, alioquin producuntur glandes et foli (The strong are compared to a fruitful tree, although acorns and leaves are produced) 121va
389 Visitatio Visitation Visitat Deus, visitat homo, visitat angelus (God visits, man visits, and the angel) 121vb
390 Vita Life Triplex est vita: nature, gratie, glorie (Life is triple: of nature, of grace, and of glory) 122rb
391 Undecim Eleven Secundum Gregorium, 32 Moralium, omne peccatum vndenarium est (According to Gregory, book 32 Moralia, every sin is of the number eleven 122vb
392 Unum, Unitas One, Oneness In hoc nomine vnum notatur coniuncto seu conglutinatio deliciosa (In this name one is noted the conjunction or the splendid joining) 123ra
393 Vocare To Call Vocat nos Deus. Vocat nos hiis versibus: per promissa, minas (God calls us. He calls us by these verses: by promises) 123rb
394 Vinea Vine Vinea potest dici ecclesia uel religio. Nam sicut vinea habet laborem (A vine can be called the church or religion. For just as the vine has labor) 124ra
395 Voluntas Will Quia voluntas Dei est prima et recta regula omnium aliarum voluntatum (Because the will of God is the first and right rule of all other wills) 124rb
396 Vulnera Wounds Peccator uulneratus est quando incidit in aliud mortale peccatum, Job 24[:12] (A sinner is wounded when he falls in some mortal sin, Job 24[:12]) 124va
397 [Xpi] Christianus Christian Augustinus in libello suo, De vita Christiana, quem scribit sorori sue (Augustine in his little book, De vita Christiana, which he wrote to his sister) 124vb
398 [Xp] Christus Christ Secundum Augustinum, De vera sermone 3, c. 3, aliam significationem habet (According to Augustine, De vera sermone 3, c. 3, Jesus has one meaning) 124vb
399 Y Y Hanc litteram excogitauit primitus Pictagoras Samius philosophus (This letter the philosopher Pythagoras of Samos first thought of as an example) 125ra
400 Ymago Image Secundum Aristotelem, 6 Topicis, ymago est cuius generata per imitacionem est (According to Aristotle, book 6, Topics, an image is of something generated) 125ra
401 [H]ypocrita, [H]ypocrisis Hypocrite, Hypocrisy Christus predicans contra hypocrisim, Luc. 12[:1] dicit (Christ preaching against hypocrisy, Luke 12[:1] says) 125rb
402 Zelus Zeal Legimus zelum duplicem, Dei et hominis (We read that zeal is double, of God and of man) 125va