History and Scope

Launched in 2002, the Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations series is engaged in an ambitious long-term project: to build a library of medieval Latin texts, with English translations, from the period roughly between 300 and 1500, which will represent the whole breadth and variety of medieval civilization. Thus, the series is open to all subjects and genres, ranging from poetry and history through philosophy, theology, and rhetoric to treatises on natural science. It will include, as well, medieval Latin versions of Arabic and Hebrew works. Placing these texts side by side, rather than dividing them in terms of the boundaries of contemporary academic disciplines, will, it is hoped, contribute to a better understanding of the complex coherence and interrelatedness of the many facets of medieval written culture.

Dallas Medieval Texts and Translations is edited jointly by Dr. Kelly Gibson at the University of Dallas and Dr. Philipp Rosemann, who founded the series in Dallas, but is currently the Cottrill-Rolfes Chair of Catholic Studies at the University of Kentucky. The series is made possible through collaboration with Peeters of Louvain, which produces it in handsome volumes that are designed to last.

Interview with Dr. Philipp Rosemann in the “University Bookman
A conversation between Gerald J. Russello, editor of the “University Bookman,” and Philipp Rosemann on the history and goals of the Dallas series. Published on December 27, 2017.