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"I am myn owene woman, wel at ese": In Memory of Margaret Jennings. Contributions by Francis P. Kilcoyne, Mary Florence Burns, C.S.J., Eugene Crook, Michael Haren, and Siegfried Wenzel. With Margaret Jennings's Essay "Eyewitness: Ranulph Higden and the Troubling Events at Chester Monastery." viii-45 pp. ISBN 978-90-429-3494-8, 15€/US$19.

This booklet is devoted to the memory of Margaret Jennings (1942–2016), a distinguished medievalist who devoted much of her scholarly work to the fourteenth-century Benedictine Ranulph Higden and his writings. The booklet offers reminiscences by some of Professor Jennings’s closest friends and colleagues, including her husband, Francis P. Kilcoyne. The brief essays reveal a remarkable woman, who was not only a fine scholar, but poured her soul into many activities benefiting other people, whether these were the generations of students she joyfully taught at St. Joseph’s College or parolees in Brooklyn whom she helped get their lives together.
Included in this booklet, as well, is a reprint of one of Professor Jennings’s most intriguing articles, in which she reconstructs the scandalous conditions that prevailed at St. Werburgh’s Abbey in the fourteenth century. Her complete bibliography rounds off this commemorative publication.

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